Assorted Sets

"Churning out dull, generic, cookie-cutter cards is not something The Best Card Company does, at all. Because everyone receiving the gift of a greeting is unique in some special way, eccentric and endearing in a particular, perhaps peculiar, manner. And because of that individual personality and peccadilloes diversity, your special friends, family members and coworkers who are celebrating their very own Birthday are deserving of great, one-of-a-kind greeting cards that suit them to a tee and convey your best wishes and good cheer in an utterly amazing fashion.

The Best Card Company's Birthday Assorted Sets card collection contains all kinds of distinctive greetings, built around the common theme of delighting your cherished pals, relatives and workmates on the special occasion of their big birth date commemoration. Included in these colorful, clever, charming and very different B-Day card sets, for example, are funkified animals, wisecracking and witty retro-styling beautiful ladies, punny and funny cartoon cake and cheese slices, laughably leaping and loving dogs and cats, and artful, creative and fashionable women wishing varied and very humorous Birthday salutations.

So, don't settle for run-of-the-mill, mundane, same-old Birth Annum greeting cards, when you can recognize and reward your different buds, relations and colleagues with the truly and terrifically unique cards gathered together in this hilariously drawn, designed and worded Birthday Assorted Card Sets grouping. And you can expect a very personal and intimate thanks from all those celebrating turning another year older, for all of your ""effort"" in searching out just the right greeting card that perfectly matches the Birthday boy or girl's character. Well done!"