Jumbo Cards

"Big birthdays call for BIG BIRTHDAY CARDS. And the B-Day greetings don't come any huger than the ones in this vast and varied, epically amazing collection of oversized Birthday cards. The fun and fantastic folded cardboard is super-sized, the designs, pictures and words enormously hilarious and incredibly gorgeous. Any of your friends, family members or coworkers upon whom you bestow any one of these epic year-older celebratory cut-outs will be delighted, big-time!

The extra-large Birth Anniversary missives in this giant grouping come in all manner of styles and designs, some hilarious, some heartfelt, some hedgehog. Featured here, to name but a few, are: funny and wooly party hat-wearing llamas, punny food items and adorable little animals, glorious chalk-boarded salutations festooned with colorful balloons and confetti, a BOO-tifully cute Pomeranian dog, stunningly creative sign language, neon fish, steampunk cats, funky foxes, bodacious broads, and age-specific, balloon and cake-decorated sixteenth, eighteenth, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth, ninetieth and hundredth humungous commemoration cards.

The gigantic size of the humorous and touching Happy Birthday greetings is only matched by the immensity of the number of different and distinctive cards in the clever and creative collection itself. You won't have any trouble finding just the right ginormous, garrulous and good-natured greeting card with which to honor your special Birthday buds, relations and workmates when you spend a little time scrolling through this astonishing collection; and then spend a little money purchasing and sending out one or more of the grand missives of mirth, merriment and artfulness."