Assorted Sets

"It's never easy to know just what to say or do when somebody special to you, a valued friend, relative or coworker, has suffered a loss. So, allow The Best Card Company to tastefully and touchingly extend your heartfelt condolences and sincere best wishes to that special someone who is coping with the death of a loved one, via the Sympathy Assorted Sets selection of cards featured here. And if you and your immediate family are the ones who are dealing with a loss and on the receiving end of kind wishes and warm thoughts from your friends and colleagues, then there's also a ten card collection of Sympathy Thank You notecards for usage in conveying your great gratitude back to those who have offered wonderful support and encouragement during your time of need.

The two, four, ten and twelve card sets in this Sympathy greeting card grouping are all uniformly lovely and tactfully tender, beautifully designed and rendered with exquisite, elegant imagery and emotional wordage. The creative, colorful and compassionate notecards feature: gorgeous watercolor and transparent flowers; glorious sunlit and misty forest, mountain and meadow nature scenes; and picturesque painted birds perched on vivid green branches. A number of the artful offerings of condolences, thoughts, prayers and hugs are also embossed with comforting words and biblical quotes such as ""May Your Heart Find Peace,"" ""Sharing Your Sadness,"" and ""God Has Given Us Eternal Life.""

You can never do enough for a treasured or cherished relation, friend or workmate who is going through a trying time due to a significant loss. But one thing you can do that they'll surely appreciate and be grateful for is extend them your genuine sympathy by sending them any of the captivating and loving cards in these Assorted Sets from The Best Card Company."