Jumbo Cards

"When someone special to you, a treasured friend or cherished coworker, has been dealt the enormous emotional blow of losing a loved one, you want to do all you can for them in order to help cushion the huge heartbreak. Helping them out directly with routine daily tasks and special commemorative preparations, and offering them heartfelt hugs and warm words of encouragement, are two considerate ways of expressing your caring and compassion; and giving them a giant goodwill greeting card of tremendous sympathy and sincere condolences is another way of conveying your genuine concern and touching sentiments of support to those who are dealing with a death in the family or within their close circle of friends. The Best Card Company has Sympathy Jumbo Cards which you can use to deliver your big best wishes and tastefully tender thoughts. Featuring a beautiful, sunlit, winter forest scene and an uplifting and encouraging biblical quotation, the mammoth missive of massive empathy and sympathy will truly be appreciated by all those who are going through a difficult time in their lives and, hopefully, will help alleviate at least some of their emotional burden.

And if you're the one feeling down because you've wronged someone you care about, and if you want to make it up to them big-time, then The Best Card Company has you covered in greeting card glory there, as well, with sensationally endearing Sorry Oversized Cards. You'll be back on the good side of that special friend, relative, workmate or lover you've hurt or insulted in no time when you gift them the colorful, funny, epic greeting of wished-for forgiveness."