Jumbo Cards

"Whether you celebrate Easter from a religious or secular perspective, or a little bit of both, there's no denying the epic and enchanting nature of the wonderful and joyful spring holiday. Easter brings family and friends together to share good times and good food, hunt for chocolate eggs and candy peeps, and dye, paint and decorate chicken eggs. And along with the devout spirituality and cherished camaraderie at play and on display, Easter is also a joyous time to exchange gifts and greeting cards with all those you hold dear. Big, beautiful, massively charming greeting cards like the ones featured in The Best Card Company's Easter Jumbo Cards collection.

For practicing Christians, Easter is a March-April festival commemorating and celebrating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by Roman authorities circa 30 AD, on Good Friday, and the son of God's subsequent resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday. Christians believe that the Savior died on the cross for the sins of humanity, and that his resurrection enables their own resurrection and salvation. That's why a glorious, oversized greeting card displaying a gold cross decorated with beautiful and colorful flowers, buds, leaves and vines, set against scripture wording, within a lovely green scroll frame, would be so grandly appropriate for and appreciated by them.

For those of a less religious nature, or of a different faith, The Best Card Company has a fine, funny, furry and feathery super-sized Easter card featuring a cute bunny playing a clarinet alongside an adorable singing chick. The mammoth, mirthful missive delivers huge merriment and great musical laughter on the joyful occasion of Easter. "