Assorted Sets

"The origins of Valentine's Day are murky at best, but are believed to date back to Roman times and the festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February, which celebrated the coming of spring and included various fertility rites. The name ""Valentine"" may have come from one or two Christians who were executed by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus in the 3rd century on February 14th. Pope Gelasius I established the Feast of Saint Valentine in the 5th century in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome. Later on, English poet Geoffrey Chaucer and playwright William Shakespeare contributed to associating Valentine's Day more with romantic love than religious martyrdom, and by the 17th century V-Day began to be widely celebrated in Great Britain; by the middle of the 18th century friends and lovers began exchanging gifts and handwritten notes of affection. And come the 20th century, Valentine's Day was an established and recognized event for lovers and lovers of love, with most of the customs and traditions that swooning romantics cherish to this day.

Valentine's Day is celebrated the world over on February 14th. Common gifts exchanged amongst lovey-dovey couples include flowers like red roses, sweet perfume, sexy clothing, shiny jewelry, boxes of delicious chocolates and other delectable candy, bubbly wine, cute teddy bears and toy hearts, and gorgeous and gregarious greeting cards designed to display great affection and good-natured humor. Such as the wonderful, warm-hearted, attractive, hilarious and loving cards in The Best Card Company's Valentine's Day Assorted Sets of Cards collection. These glorious, heartfelt and humorous notecards are perfect for any romantic pairing of partners, boyfriend and girlfriend, wife and husband, and same-sex couple. And they can also be given to special friends and workmates, and Mom, Dad, sons, daughters and grandparents to show platonic amour and adulation, as well. These ten card selections feature: funny puns and cartoon fruits and vegetables; artful, creative and colorful hearts of all shapes, sizes and makes; cute cats, kittens and funky puppy portraits; psychedelic parrot lovebirds; and charming jars and trees bursting, brimming and blooming with true unadulterated love."