Assorted Sets

"Know someone who graduated? Know somebody who achieved something golden? Well then, these are the Congratulations Assorted Sets of Cards that you'll need to send out to them in recognition of and reward for their wonderful educational or other accomplishment. Earning academic success at the school or college level, secondary or post-secondary, is always cause for celebration, and congrats card giving. But winning can come in many fields and multiple endeavors, like on the job or just in life, getting an award, promotion, engaged, married or a new baby, so it's always a good idea to have some less specific Congratulations greetings on-hand in order to show your applause and adulation for that friend, family member or coworker who has done something special outside the halls of academia.

These Congratulations Assorted Sets of Cards have your well-wishes covered for both the educational star who's gotten their diploma or degree and the all-around ace who's met with success doing something else in their personal or professional lives. Any scholastic attainer will be super-happy to get one of the funny, fantastic, finger full, good job greetings from the ten card Graduation kudos collection. While any other worthy will be further wowed themselves when you gift them a wonderful, golden Congratulations notecard from the non-school 10 card collection; as these beautiful and cheering missives are embossed with shiny gold celebratory baubles like stars, fireworks, presents, champagne glasses, balloons, hearts, confetti, streamers, party hats and popped corks, all spectacularly set against velvety black backgrounds.

So, make sure you and yours give that high-grade graduate or goal-getting go-getter the joyous jubilation their epic achievements deserve, whether they're a pal, relative or workmate, by performing the fine feat of selecting and sending them out one of the cute, charming and colorful congratulatory cards from these assorted sets of greetings. Three cheers for your good taste and thoughtfulness!"