Administrative Professional's Day

"Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. It's an opportunity for an employer, partner, boss, supervisor, manager or department head, or the entire office or workplace, to specifically recognize and reward support staff for all the wonderful work they do in making everyone else's job easier. Whether they be an administrative assistant, a personal assistant, a secretary, a receptionist, or a typist, they are, in many respects, the backbone of the office, the often unsung staff who keep things running efficiently and effectively for the betterment of all involved. And for their awesome efforts, they deserve a tremendous card of kudos and thanks like any one of the applauding adulation greetings in The Best Card Company's Administrative Professionals Day Single and Jumbo Cards collection.

It always pays dividends to give a pat on the back to staff who do a good job, but on Administrative Professionals Day, go one better and bigger by giving that incredible administrative employee a huge, beautiful greeting card of epic complimentary gratitude and sincere super best wishes. The massive missives of worker cheer available for your and the gang's employment here feature: bouquets of lovely pink flowers within white frames set against bright blue backgrounds; and extra-large, extremely colorful balloon letters of high-spirited gratefulness and applause floating against vivid, sunny, blue sky backdrops. Hours, pay and working conditions are all important in retaining top-notch performers, but in order to really pump-up job satisfaction, showing great praise and appreciation for a dedicated, devoted, do-all administrative professional is a pleasurable and rewarding task that everyone should buy into."