Jumbo Cards

"Graduation is a big huge deal, whether the successful student is attaining their diploma, degree or certificate. Someone who has achieved academic or vocational success deserves massive congrats and enormous applause. And, of course, any awesome scholastic, training or apprenticeship success wouldn't be possible without one or some amazing teachers, professors and/or instructors who make learning a pleasure and graduating a certainty. That's why graduates qualify for humungous congratulations and teachers have earned immense gratitude. And why you and the whole gang can hand out your ginormous Happy Graduation greetings, and the successful pupil and their classmates can express their mammoth Teacher Gratitude, courtesy of one or more of the super-sized greeting cards in this impressive and appealing pat-on-the-back and three cheers collection.

Honor the accomplished graduate with an oversized card featuring in fine and funny style: smiling fingers wearing mortarboards and clutching parchment scrolls; BOO the world's cutest dog and a wise owl clad in colorful grad cap regalia; and a lovely image of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly to symbolize the epic transition in a person's life when they spread their wings and fly out of school into the real world. Any son, daughter, wife, husband, partner, niece, nephew, cousin, friend or fellow worker who has mastered the educational goal they set out for themselves will rejoice, also, in receiving one of these bright, smart-humored and intelligently designed greetings. While for the equally accomplished teacher who has so greatly and selflessly helped an individual pupil or the entire graduating class, there are grand missives of gratefulness joyously displaying cute cats and butterflies saying ""Thank Mew,"" tasteful book bindings that cover the subject of gracious gratitude, and gorgeous and glorious floral giant greeting cards expressing blessed, blissful and meaningful thanks."