Single Cards

"It's a terrible and tragic thing to see a good friend, fine family member or cherished coworker become consumed physically and mentally by a drug or alcohol addiction. Despite your best efforts to help, you feel completely powerless as you watch the addicted person struggle mightily against the tempting pull of the powder, pill or liquor, agonizing at their heartbreaking change in personality and life as a result of their overpowering need for the next hit or drink. You can only offer so much support, sympathy, empathy and encouragement. At the end of the dark night, it's up to the individual themselves to beat their addiction, to seek the professional help they need before their life totally spirals out of control. But when they do make that courageous, determined, life-affirming decision to get treatment for their disease, it's a wonderful thing, and something that you should recognize and reward with one of the cheering, beaming bright, congratulatory greetings found in The Best Card Company's Recovery Single Cards collection.

These celebratory kick-the-habit kudos notecards feature: the Serenity Sobriety Prayer creatively and colorfully illustrated and extolling your applause for that special person who's taking it one day at a time in dealing with their addiction; a lovely, sunlit forest path symbolizing the journey to joyous recovery; and sunny, sensational, nature scenes of lakes, meadows and mountains, optimistically marking the clean-living milestones of ninety days, one year, two years and three years. Because whether that treasured pal, buddy, BFF, girlfriend, relative or workmate is beating their all-consuming addiction through Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, or going cold turkey all on their own, they deserve caring, compassionate, laudatory congrats for turning their life around and trying to become once again the personable and productive person you know and love."