"Drug and alcohol addictions take a terrible toll on the addict, the addict's friends, family and workmates, and society at large. The burning, single-minded, all-encompassing need for another hit, another pill or another drink can destroy lives, devastate families, uproot friendships, and send promising career paths spiraling bottomward. Addictions are the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors, and can become a crushing burden on just about anyone. Being dependent on drugs or alcohol can ruin a person's physical and mental health, warp their personalities, and cost society a large amount in lost productivity and additional social services.

That's why it's so very important to recognize and reward a special friend, relative or coworker who has taken the bold and decisive step towards Recovery. Whether they've enrolled in a helpful support group like Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous, or they've gone cold turkey all on their own taking it one day at a time, the fact that they're making the determined effort to beat their addiction is cause for great celebration and huge applause. Any of the Recovery Single and Jumbo Cards in this uplifting and upbeat collection delivers those heartfelt, cheering big congratulations and humungous kudos from you individually or a group of supporters and well-wishers collectively. Because it's a long, hard road back to addiction-free living, and so every milestone on that most difficult and important journey should be epically encouraged by everyone.

The big, beautiful, goodwill greetings in this selection include regular and oversized cards creatively displaying: the Serenity Prayer, a lovely sunlit forest path symbolizing the road to recovery, and lovely, sunny meadow, lake and mountain scenes marking ninety days, one year, two years and three years of awesome and accomplished sobriety. Beating an addiction, throwing away the bottle or the needle, is a tremendous accomplishment, worthy of immense congratulations and support, as exhibited by all of these beaming bright for the future incredible cards."