Singles & Packs

New Year's Eve - parties, resolutions, bubbly, countdowns, hugging and kissing, contemplation, drunkenness, fellowship, singing … and a cute little furry puppy dog peering through a lace frame adorned with holly and ivy. Say what, to that last one? Well, it's just an illustration of how The Best Card Company has all your typical scenario New Year Singles & Packs needs covered, along with some truly atypical cardboard note card entries that you can gift, as well, to anyone of your choosing to celebrate the New Annum in style.

The party hearty and happy side of New Year's Day on January 1st is artistically and colorfully rendered on a card featuring chalkboarded greetings festooned with party balloons and hats, streamers and confetti, and bright blooming flowers. While touchingly tapping into the more contemplative side of the end of the year festivities are lovely cards reflecting green and blue ocean waters washing out the old year and waving in the New Year on sunny and sandy beaches. But unlike most card companies, we don't just stop there when it comes to making sure you have a tremendous selection of varied and very awesome note cards to help your special friends, family members and coworkers ring in the New Year. No, we also include for your perusing, purchasing and presenting pleasure some utterly unique greetings with which to wow your pals, relatives and workmates with wonder. There's that adorable baby pooch in the lacy window frame, for example, made even more sweet and fabulous with a calendar pad displaying January 1st and a pinned-up, hand-written salute to the New Year. And how about some one-of-a-kind cards depicting a psychedelically colored rat and an ox, along with black-painted Chinese lettering, all within ornate gold scroll frames, to enable you to wish someone of Asian descent a Happy Chinese New Year and lots of luck in the next year?

In other joyous words, and imaginative and impressive images, The Best Card Company offers you a truly and amazingly complete collection of traditional and non-traditional New Year greeting cards which you can drop like balls of bliss upon all of your buddies, girlfriends, relations and colleagues. Thanks to you, the party, pondering and pan-Pacific symbolism will be in the palms of their hands.