Assorted Sets

"A great friend is there for you through good times and bad times, thick and thin, winning and losing, up and down. And with this fine Friendship Assorted Card Sets collection from The Best Card Company, you can show and reinforce what a great friend ""you"" are to your best buddies, precious pals and all those other relatives, workmates and long-time school, gym and club companions you call friends. Any of the lovely, cheerful greetings in these beautiful and uplifting card sets will bolster your true friendship with those special people in your life, whether they're a cousin, colleague or someone else wonderful you've collected during your lifetime and formed an awesome and supportive bond with. And if they're Muslim or Jewish, well, this vast and varied, very inspirational, selection of salute cards has your BFF greetings covered there, too. And a number of the fantastic mood-boosting friendly missives are blank on the insides, so that you can add your own personal message of caring, compassion and platonic friend love, if you so choose.

Friends form the rich and rewarding fabric of your happy life, so you never want to see one of your friends feeling down without doing something to buck them back up again. The fabulous Friendship card sets featured here include gorgeous images and glorious words of encouragement, are bursting with blooming flowers and abound with a cute bear, funky cactus and clever coffee cup, along with heartfelt and upbeat slogans like ""Ever Hopeful"" and ""Good Vibes."" While for your friends of Arab background, ""Salam"" (peace) best wishes are spelled out within bright, colorful paisley and geometric designs. And all of your Jewish buddies and girlfriends will delight in receiving one of the ""Shalom"" (peace and harmony) cards alight with Hebrew lettering and brilliant spirally pictures and patterns. None of the friends in your cherished circle of contacts will be feeling blue when you gift them any one of these joyful, funny and high-spirited notecards of close friendship, good cheer and warm feelings."