Jumbo Cards

"A new job is huge, a big employment deal. Worthy of having earned an epic congratulatory greeting card to enormously celebrate the giant work-related achievement. Like one of the oversized missives of working praise and kudos from The Best Card Company's New Job Congratulations Jumbo Cards collection. To be employed for the immense benefit of the super-successful workforcer by all of his or her great friends, family members and/or former or current fellow employees.

These massive cardboard constructs of jubilantly successful job-seeking are bright, bold, boisterous and beautiful in design and gargantuan in size, proffering both tremendous cheer and incredible encouragement. With crafty, creative, colorful balloon letters sailing and soaring high against bright blue sky backgrounds, these extra-large, extremely exuberant notecards deliver great goodwill and big best wishes from one and all. They're sure to pump up the ego and inflate the confidence of that gifted, skilled and talented professional, executive, tradesperson, retail sales associate, or healthcare or hospitality worker starting in on a new and challenging phase in their work life.

So, make sure you and the gang aren't caught short when it comes to issuing a mammoth memo of New Job congrats to an especially qualified pal, relative or workmate. Stock up on the ginormous greetings of grand and glorious New Job applause and adulation from the inventive inventory featured here. Because the excitement, exhilaration and anticipation of changed employment deserves to be paid the back-slapping and ego-bolstering compliment of great greeting card congratulations. "