Assorted Sets

"Having a baby is a huge deal for mom, dad and the rest of the family, if there is one; along with being a big event for all of the proud parents' close friends, coworkers and extended relations. Bringing a newborn into the world and into some couple's or single's home, therefore, calls for cheering and charming Baby Congratulations and Invitational Cards to commemorate the enormous occasion, like the boisterous and blissful greetings featured in these Assorted Sets.

A newborn baby is life-altering in more ways than one. While a crying infant calls for constant attention and care, craves continual feeding, changing and comforting, it's not the burdens of baby-dom that these glorious greeting cards are concerned with - it's joyously celebrating the arrival of a little cutie and planning for the exuberant good times and good cheer of a baby shower or family and friend goo-goo tribute gathering that these adorable and adoring notecards deal with! Small in size, but varied in style and large in number, these amazing Assorted Sets of welcoming-into-the-world missives feature warm and fuzzy-feeling standing zoo animal babies and heartwarming swaddled human tykes in slumbering repose. A tiny zebra, penguin, polar bear, elephant, koala bear, giraffe, panda, monkey, rhinoceros and seal are colorfully depicted on the congratulatory greetings, while peacefully sleeping baby girls and boys in knitted headgear and blankets adorn the invitational missives.

Joyfully and gleefully mark the awesome and miraculous occasion of the birth of a pal's, relative's or workmate's child, and send out bouncing, beckoning invites to a baby shower or infant-related get-together, using any of the tender, touching and lovely greetings in these sets of cards. Because begetting a new child is a blessed event to be celebrated and cheeringly commemorated; conveniently ignoring, for the time being, all the wailing, teething, tantrums and whining that is about to take place within the new family dynamic."