Assorted Sets

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. Unlike the twelve days of Christmas, during the four days of Thanksgiving you're under no obligation to buy anyone any actual gifts. And "decorating" your home and/or office consists of maybe piling some colorful dried leaves up on your front lawn and/or perhaps roughing out a ruffled paper turkey tail or two, if you choose to be in the mood. In other words, you and your beloved or merely tolerated family members, friends and coworkers get all the food, frivolity and football of the Yuletide side, without all the costly effort and expensive of festively dolling up your property and shopping for presents. Although … sending those special relatives, pals and workmates of yours a happy and heartfelt Thanksgiving greeting card "would" be a nice touch, and is so simple and thrifty to do thanks to The Best Card Company's Thanksgiving Assorted Sets Cards collection.

The Best Card Company's T-Day Assorted Sets Cards collection contains a cornucopia of tasty and terrific cardboard treats for you to warmly and happily dish out to all of your relations, buds and colleagues in honor of the Fall festivities, with ease. All of the symbols of the chowing, chewing the fat and tossing the pigskin occasion are covered in artful, autumnal colors on these glorious greeting cards, including: red, orange and yellow leaves; delicious, golden-brown turkeys with all the trimmings; sweet and savory pumpkin pies; rich, steamy, delectable cups of hot chocolate; and ripened apples, nuts, berries and corn. A saucy portion of spicy sass is handcrafted, as well, with a "Gobble till you Wobble" entreaty.

So, before you perform the simple task of whipping up a seven bean salad or your very own patented out-of-the-can cranberry sauce to take over to someone else's place where you'll be wined and dined and tuned into the pigskin action, take the very small amount of time and tiny amount of money needed to select and purchase one of the Assorted Sets of Turkey Day cards in this good-time greeting gathering. Your loved ones will be so gushingly grateful that you went to "all the effort" to help make their holiday so happy.