Sympathy Thank You

"Dealing with the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult. It's a terribly trying time for you and your family, filled with grief, despair and sadness. Alleviating the pain somewhat, however, is the great love and support of your caring, wonderful friends, relatives and coworkers. Their helpful actions, consoling words and considerate thoughts and prayers can go a long way in lightening your emotional burden and buoying up your sunken spirits. That's why it's so important to recognize and thank those terrific people who were there for you in your hour of need by sending them a gracious, lovely card of appreciation chosen from the Sympathy Thank You Assorted Sets and Single Cards collections on sale here from The Best Card Company.

These beautiful, touching and tender greetings express your tremendous gratitude towards those amazing friends, relations and workmates who offered you so much support and encouragement to help you cope with your loss. They went out of their way to show you compassion, whether by assisting you with everyday tasks like shopping and housework or in making the necessary preparations funeral and otherwise to honor the deceased, or in giving you warm hugs and well wishes and keeping you in their thoughts and prayers while you struggled to deal with the death of a loved one. The gorgeous, glorious greetings in these sets and singles perfectly convey your genuine and sincere gratefulness for everything special that they did for you and yours.

These Sympathy Thank You cards feature artful watercolor flowers and birds, stunning forest, mountain, stream and lake vistas, and uplifting words and blessed biblical quotes like ""Never Forgotten,"" ""Love Never Fades"" and ""Rejoice In the Lord Always."" Your circle of supportive and sensational friends, family members and colleagues will be deeply touched by your own gesture of heartfelt sentiments and goodwill, just as you were incredibly moved and bucked up by all that they did on your behalf when you were down."