Jumbo Cards

"A big, beautiful, brilliantly designed greeting card can really pick someone up, big-time! Just like the extra-large, extremely colorful, exuberantly artful Friendship, Birthday, Miss You, Thank You and Congratulations cards in this collection of oversized great greetings. Because if you have a cherished friend, family member or coworker who's celebrating turning a year older, accomplished something astonishing, is feeling ill, or who you'd like to thank and cheer up, then don't go small with your sweet, stirring and sensational sentiments - go epic, and get your marvelous and mammoth message across for all to enormously see and appreciate!

Whether you want to save these giant companionship, B-Day, applause, gratefulness, and thinking-about-you greeting cards for your ""really"" special buds, relations and workmates is up to you. But rest assured that anyone you do choose to send one of these awesome, oversized, creative cards will love and cherish it, along with you. Because this super, super-sized selection features: stunning watercolor flowers, striking biblical quotations, boisterous and blazing blue-worded kudos, along with funny and fancy pigs, giraffes and dogs, and astonishing one-a-kind designs. To single out but a few of the eye-popping and heart-warming enormous greetings on exhibit for sale and sending in this selection.

So, for your real extra-deserving and wonderful pals, relatives and colleagues, give them the gift of gigantic good-natured and glorious greeting cards. It's a grand gesture on your part which will go a big long way in boosting someone's birth-date party, pumping up their achieving egos, conveying your terrific gratefulness, and exhibiting superlative friendliness and comradeship."