Jumbo Cards

"A couple who has announced their intention of formally marching down the wedding aisle together by letting everyone know they're engaged is deserving of huge and happy Congratulations in honor of their big public declaration of love. And The Best Card Company has your and your friends', family members' and coworkers' big Engagement Congratulations best wishes magnificently and magnanimously covered with the beautiful, artful, giant, good cheer greetings in this awesome collection.

Getting engaged is an enormous event in a woman's and man's life. It represents a formal pronouncement of long-term love, a joyous public acknowledgement that the search for the perfect soulmate has ended, gleeful and giddy notice to treasured and cherished pals, buds, relatives and workmates that an exchange of rings has taken place with the exultant expectation that an exchange of vows will follow. To properly recognize and reward this life-altering romantic event, therefore, requires a celebratory and congratulatory card of truly epic size and grandeur, and wonderful warm wishes. Bursting with colorful flowers and brimming with blue sky balloons, heart-shaped and soaring sentiments, the massive greetings featured here do suitable and sensational justice to the epic nature of some special couple's engagement announcement. The actual duration of an engagement can last months or even years, and the traditional festive events like attending bachelor and bachelorette parties and showers, social gift registry checking, wedding attendance scheduling and marital present picking and presentation, will all follow in due and deliberate course - but the first step in honoring that loving pair who are committed to embarking down the marriage path is the gifting of a gargantuan, goodwill Congratulations greeting card applauding their engagement."