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"This vast, varied and very impressive collection of Everyday greetings from The Best Card Company includes: assorted sets of two, four, six and ten card designs, with 10 or 12 notecards in each set; single regular-sized cards; and extra-large oversized greetings. All Occasions are covered in fine style, fabulous words and imagery, and with plenty of humor and good cheer in this enormous grouping of Everyday cards, including: Weddings, Birthdays, Friendship, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Congratulations, Inspirational, Mother's Day, Sympathy, Invitational, Thank You, Get Well and Engagements - from you individually or the whole gang of friends, family and coworkers.

These many sets, singles and super-sized cards feature, among other things: beautiful and colorful blooming flowers and bouquets, funky animals, profound quotes from famous people and the bible, painted lifeguard towers pictured on sandy and sunny beaches, lovely fruits and vegetables, cute and funny cats and dogs, fancy fashions, bright blue skies, charming and amazing wildlife yoga routines, spotted hounds and praying kittens, stirring stars and stripes, shiny and souped-up automobiles, incredible octopi and all other manner of creative, artful, wonderful and hilarious images and verbiage. The normal-sized, epically enlarged and assorted sets of cards on sale here are perfect for expressing and extolling your warm congrats, enduring love, tremendous gratitude, big B-Day goodwill, proudly patriotic salutations, enormous encouragement, deepest compassion and get better soon best wishes. As well as helping you organize any party functions you have planned. So, look no further for your Everyday card-gifting needs than The Best Card Company's big, beautiful and bountiful gathering of glorious, gorgeous, goodwill greetings."