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"Need to send Season's Greetings to somebody special? A Happy Chanukah message to a dear Jewish friend? A Chinese New Year expression of goodwill to a cherished relative of Asian descent? A sweet Valentine's Day sentiment to a loved one? An All Hallows' Eve scary piece of creepy cardboard to a fellow horror aficionado? A marvelous, meaningful missive of endearing affection, appreciation and respect to one great mother or grandmother? Well, if you do - and who doesn't at some point - then look and shop no further than The Best Card Company's Holidays Assorted Sets, Single and Jumbo Cards collection. Because you'll find something entirely Holiday appropriate for every one of your pals, buddies, BFF's, girlfriends, workmates, Hebrew and Oriental relations, and even dear old Mom, within this immense and glorious greeting card grouping.

This tremendous selection of Holidays cards includes two, four, six and ten designs in 10 and 12 individual card sets, along with regular-sized single cards and oversized giant cards; all fitted up and kitted out perfectly to celebrate and commemorate Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Chanukah and Mother's Day. The gorgeous, good-humored greetings in this enormous gathering feature: Merry Xmas with brightly colored shiny balls, Santa capped birds, lovely leaves, hilarious sloth yoga positions, glowing tree decorations, prickly posed pineapples and cacti, funny fingers, galloping horses, Jolly Saint Nick and jovial snowmen portraits, and even in the Spanish language ; charming Chanukah lighted nine candle menorahs; V-Day expressions of love emblazoned with red roses, romantic quotations, watercolor and artsy and craftsy hearts and lovebirds; Happy Halloween spooky and eerie glowing and pale pumpkins; and vivid, vibrant, blossoming cherry blossoms in honor of the Chinese New Year. "