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Jumbo Cards

The Holidays are a great, big deal. As much as some people want to deny it, and object to the season starting some time in late-September, there's just no arguing with the festive fact that the Yuletide is one mother of a massive event. So, naturally, in honor of the immensity of the wonderful late-fall/early-winter occasion, you'll want some truly epic and incredible cards to gift out to all of your awesome friends, family members and coworkers. And The Best Card Company, naturally enough again, can supply you with just those extra-large, super-sized, seasonal greetings with which you can wow your cherished pals, relatives and workmates, big-time.

The Happy Holidays Jumbo Cards collection from The Best Card Company features a fine, bright and merry selection of gargantuan Yule missives. On one giant greeting, "A Big Happy Holidays" is spelled out in vivid red and green letters with the equivalent sign language hand-signaled inside the ginormous lettering. A truly and amazingly unique Noel note card perfectly and sizably suited for any deaf people you count among your treasured buddies, family members and colleagues. While on another huge Holiday card, a black and white bird is artfully and creatively pictured perched on a snow-laden tree branch complete with red berries, against a blue sky. And this mammoth and magnificent natural rendering comes complete with a beautiful and tasteful scrolled red border on the interior of the charming and crafty card, as well.

So, don't even try to hide from the fact that the Holidays are humongous, that Christmas is colossal, that Season's Greetings need to be sized up sensational. Rather, embrace the enormity of the happy and warm-spirited (extended) time of the year by selecting and sending out one of the mammoth, marvelous missives of great good cheer from this gigantic card collection.

  • J4974AHH - Big Signs - Holidays: Over-sized Paper Card
  • JQ4612AHH - Season's Tweets: Square-Top Over-sized Paper Card